Manage your business' finances from your smartphone


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factusimple is an excellent tool that can help you keep your finances up to date from the comfort of your smartphone.

Are you a business owner and want to keep track of your current stock, clients, invoices, associates, and expenses? factusimple makes it easy for you because its system includes all this information and lets you check your numbers in the easiest and most comfortable way possible, anywhere and at any time.

factusimple divides its tools into the following categories: budget, clients, delivery notes, suppliers, invoices, stock, purchases and reports. Inside the budget tab you can check out the budget you’ve created or create a new one. The delivery notes tab works the same way. From the invoice tab you can check out the ones that you’ve sent and the ones you’ve received as well as the clients who have yet to pay, and which invoices you need to pay. factusimple also lets you check the items you have in stock, the purchases you have to make, contact your suppliers and create sales reports.

Managing your business's finances has never been so easy.

Android 4.1 or greater is required

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